Composite Doors

We offer a large range of composite doors, in a variety of colours, materials and styles to match your requirements. Delta Windows can help you find the perfect doors for your home, thanks to our highly-experienced staff.

We have been fitting doors for over 20 years and have learned exactly what people want when they are looking for them. Our friendly staff are trained to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible for you while providing a personal service.

Composite doors are a newer innovation in the door industry and can already be seen on thousands of properties across the country. They are designed to consider the common flaws in regular doors made of a single material and minimise them.

Wood, PVC, glass reinforced plastic and insulation foam are layered to create composite doors, which are very strong and reliable. They are highly resistant to weathering and won’t react to seasonal changes like a single material door. Higher thermal resistance is also possible thanks to insulation foam which helps keep the cold out in winter months.

They are available in different colours and designs. The most of these is of course the plain white colour which is commonly seen on modern homes. Additionally, they are available with a distinct wooden finish, thanks to the flexibility of the materials being used.

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